Somebody is playing a cruel joke on me right??

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First let me start by saying Good morning to you all :)

I hope that you guys are having a much better day than I had yesterday:) If not just drink a lot of coffee, write a blog post about it, and don't look back:)

Okay so here goes:) We headed for the dentist early Monday morning, got there 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and sent my four back to get their normal cleanings and checkups... all smiles and no bad news from the dentist:))) The only thing she had to say was " Whew you are one brave lady bringing six kids in here today" I smiled and went on my way:) the rest of my morning was great, we stopped by to see my SIL and family and had a great visit:) 9 kids, ( if you include the one that was in the oven ;), and no injured kiddos or broken items when we left:) We headed for Aunt Ronda's to swap kiddos to help with the upcoming Alexis' Angel sale (April 6th)!/alexisangelsale?fref=ts , leaving little Gracie to play with her cousins.

(And I still had FIVE kiddos). Still a great day, so I dropped one off and picked up another (still five;) head home for lunch. At 3 Faith had to go to her choir practice for our upcoming Destiny’s Woman conference at Praise Church (April 5th)!/DestinysWoman?fref=ts , we get all ready and find out (while we were in route to the church) that we had the wrong time so we rerouted back to Aunt Ronda's to pick up my son and drop off two others lol, are yall still with me???????? When we arrived I realized that since Faith no longer had a prior commitment, she could stay to help paint:) so I then left Aunt Ronda's with three little ones in tow and returned later that day to exchange kiddos!!!!!!!! I'm pooped and I'm not even close to the climatic events yet lol:) After I left we went home and waited till it was time to go to my son’s baseball game that I had to be at for 5........ So I give my normal speech..... Reece do you have this, that, and this ready? His reply was "yes mam, my bag is with Daddy he told me to leave it in his truck" Okay let’s go then...... TRAFFIC...... Then I'm heading down the road at 45mph crossing over Airline Hwy and slowing down because I know that the speed limit reduces drastically to 25mph immediately after passing through the intersection right????? Well guess what was waiting for me almost immediately after the intersection????? SPEED TRAP...... I calmly tell the officer in training my side of things when he asked for my license, I give him my paper work and tell him that I'm waiting for my new ins card to come in and he says "oh no worries I don't care about all that other stuff , Honestly I'm just here to write speeding tickets........." I put my head down and bit my tongue till nearly bleeding...... Get to the ball park Reece jumps out of the car, heads to his daddy and Rusty says “tell me you have your bag......... (Yall know the one I'm talking about right??? The one his Daddy told him to keep in his truck so it wouldn't get left behind......THAT ONE........ I head back to the car screaming “that’ll be two speeding tickets" ;) All the while, Daddy to one of the children I was babysitting was on his way to the park that I was leaving from........ Okay so off I go..... I get the bag and head back........ I get approx. 500' from TWO gas station and RUN OUT OF GAS IN THE MIDDLE OF RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC.......... I get out of the car and begin pushing my huge bus of a vehicle by myself while 500 men my husband’s age or younger FLY by me right..... Guess who stops....... An elderly man with a bad back..... He refuses to let me push while he steers the vehicle (Faith about fainted when I asked her to steer....) thankfully a younger black man stopped to help right after that....... I wish I could've taken a pic of the three ppl pushing my vehicle...... just for all the stereotypical ppl in America....... a 14 year old GIRL, an old man with a bad back ,and a big black dude ( please excuse the reference) to all you "gentlemen", and I use the word gentlemen very lightly, I'd like to say " no worries, if my husband or myself for that matter ever see your wives, sisters, moms, dads, paw paws, daughters, sons, or maw maws stranded....... we will gladly help them while you sit on your sofas eating bon bons and watching t.v." SORRY THAT HAD TO BE SAID, I was so upset by that....... Oh and let me say thank you to all the Moms and Dads who took time to raise the few gentlemen we have left here........... a few other things happened in between all these events ( seriously, you can't make this kinda stuff up), When I laid my head down last night my pillow never felt so good!!!! Here's to better days!!!!





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