Sneak Peeks

March 30, 2014  •  1 Comment


The very Beautiful Rachel and her absolutely adorable little love, Liam:)))) 




The very sweet spirited and oh so beautiful

Mommy to be that graced my studio yesterday:) 







Bella the beautiful and Lucianna the adorable came to see me Saturday!!!

Luci is already 18 months old and growing way too quickly,

Bella is the sweetest Big sister ever! I posted a pic of the back of my

camera the other day of this very same photo so here's the edited,

didn't need too much, version:)  




 This Family is absolutely beautiful!!! I'd say 5 smiles out of six "aint" bad:)))) 

Very blessed parents of:

Three VERY charming little dudes and one "I'm not smiling because I'm a princess and I'll do what ever I want" little BEAUTY;) !!! 

Ok so that's 4 kiddos under FIVE!!! :) Love Love Love "big" families


jean wahl(non-registered)
That is so great. Such a wholesome and beautiful family.
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