One humongous HAPPY family:)

April 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

Is this not the most gorgeous group ever????!!!!! 

These children were all so very well behaved:) Even Jay;)



Bridgette And her Beautifuls:) 



Lindsey and her Gorgeous group:) 



Having four brothers myself, I can relate to Matt's pain;)

When Shane decided to photobomb his brothers pictures

I heard, "no Shane,no, come here please" 

I politely said shhhhhhhhhh;) and snapped away!! 

this is priceless:)




The Lovlies:)


The crazies;)







The Oh so Handsome and the Absolutely Gorgeous King and Queen Diez;)







Ryan, Julie, and their GORGEOUS kiddos:) 




So I'm wondering if these adorably handsome boys know just how absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS their Mommy is:) 







Kimberly Mathews(non-registered)
She is absolutely beautiful.
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