*** A 30% non refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment and would be due at time of booking your appointment. The remainder of your session fee will be due upon your arrival for your session. These fees are payable through an online secure invoice OR cash. ***

The Milestone package is great for anyone interested in capturing ,.....well,the  "milestones" in your child's journey from their first breaths to those wobbly first steps. The first year will fly by as if it were just a few weeks. Every little detail changes so very quickly. NO WORRIES Though, the "milestone" package has it all covered! No, It won't freeze/turn back time but it will insure that the memories that pass so quickly are etched into beautiful photographs that you and so many will cherish for a lifetime to come. Here are the details:

Normally the session fee for all three of the following sessions ( not including the maternity add on) would be $500, BUT if you book the Milestone session with me, the session fee for all three sessions below        (Newborn,7month,& 1 year), will be  reduced to just $375:)  a savings of $125.  IF  you would like to include your maternity session in your milestone package you may do so for an extra $75 session fee bringing your total session fee for all four sessions to just $450, a savings of $200 :) .


****** Your session fee  covers my time on location or in studio and my time editing your images and does NOT include any prints or products.******



 ~I DO have many different ordering options including print packages starting at just $60,

~A la Carte printing starting at $12,

~and the option to purchase a high resolution digital download containing all of your edited images        WITH a print release form

********VERY IMPORTANT Orders must be placed within 30 days after your album is created as your album will expire 30 days after it's uploaded, there will be a fee of $25 to reload your album after $30 days**********

~choosing to book the milestone session also gives you 15 % discount on prints and products


Newborn session- baby must be 7-10 days old unless born early or there is a need for baby to stay in the hospital or at home for any specific reason:) Newborns are a priority in my studio, they are the boss:) session can be held in my studio or in your home. These sessions can last any where between 2.5-3 hours.(Please let Dad know prior to session lol)

 I have creative props and newborn wraps so there is no need to fuss over finding something to fit that sweet little baby:)  ideas from you are always welcomed, and family photos are as well,

such as sibling shots, mom and baby, and dad and baby:) and of course we will pull you all together for one:) 

****no extra fee( but more time will be required for sure) for multiples, ex: twins, triplets....... or more lol bless your hearts!



Seven Month Session - in studio or on location. 1- 2 hours Baby is growing fast, sitting up, giggling, crawling/trying!! this is a fun session!!

( you may choose to schedule a family session in place of the seven month session)  



One Year Session- 1-2 hours IN STUDIO ONLY this session can get pretty messy:). WHEW!!!!! Baby isn't so much of a baby anymore. Walking/Trying, maybe running!!! Trying to talk! this is one of my very favorite sessions to shoot!! Always included in your one year session is the oh so awesome CAKE SMASH SESSION!!!! you will have the option of designing your own theme or to take the stress off of yourself and have me do that for you!(extra fee for this service to cover the price of the cake)  





As an Added option you may want to include a  maternity shoot to your "milestone Package"; after all, pregnancy is a major milestone in your child's life:).This is strictly optional but highly recommended:) This is an in studio/on location session with a few changes of clothes/"costumes;)" I have some things at the studio,such as the above picture, if you would like that option:) I love to enhance the "glamour" of our glowing moms!!!  there is an added fee for this service. If you choose NOT to include your maternity session in your milestone package the session fee for the maternity session will be $150, if you add the maternity package WITH your milestone package the  session fee is reduced to $75 bringing your total session fee for the milestone package to $450. which Like I stated earlier would be a savings of $200